What We Offer

Special Needs Program - Children who have had a psychological workup and manifest clear diagnoses such as autistic-like behavior, Downs Syndrome, hyperactivity, ADD or ADHD, Tourette's Syndrome, or are in need of speech therapy, belong in this category.  Since all children who enroll in Moore Academy are treated as individuals in curriculum choices, these more specialized needs can be treated as well.

Preschool or Kindergarten Program - Preschool children ages 3 & 4, or Kindergarten children ages 5 & 6, may be enrolled in Moore Academy in the Spotlight 101 or Spotlight 102 depending on their age.  Ten topics of physical and mental skills are explored throughout the school year and include language development, gross motor skill development and exercise, learning to serve in the home, art, Bible, fun with numbers, pre-phonics, nature and science.

Elementary Program - Grade levels 1-6:  When you want personalized mentoring, let a dedicated consultant help you develop an educational plan based on your child's interests, learning style, needs and maturity level.  You will receive encouragement, personal assistance, solutions for rough days, inspiration, and motivation for yourself and for learners manifesting a flagging interest.

Junior High/High School Program - Grade levels 7-12:  Classes are a little more structured at the junior high and high school level since students will be working toward transcripts and diplomas.  They do have some room for choices and individual abilities however, and in cases where the family would rather focus on character, the modification can be easily made.  Many Moore Academy students are entering colleges and universities and doing excellent work.  Even on the high school level we encourage the family to help the student balance his academics with work and service, knowing this ratio and emphasis brings success!


Our new Academic/Vocational Program that offers the more creatively kinesthetic student the opportunity to earn a high school diploma while focusing on the subject of his or her choice.  

Special Programs emphasizing Bible-based and innovative studies such as the Premier Program.


Grades 1 - 4
Grades 5 & 6
Grades 7 & 8
High School

Single Courses - These are offered to ADULTS as well as students; adults are awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Evaluations, transcripts, and diplomas are provided to high school students, if needed.  For those not enrolled with Moore Academy, a High School Transcript Development is available; a qualified teacher/consultant will go through credits already established, check for other possible credits you can count, and outline needed courses, providing a transcript when ready.

Documentation for every student that is enrolled with us; and files are kept for several years in case they are needed.

Learning Development Program - Children who struggle with learning at ages 10 and over may need specialized movement learning activities.  Movement training using common and special equipment for children is coupled with methods that make a difference.  Call for more information if you believe your child needs this type of help.

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