Academic/Vocational Curriculum


This program is for the student who is more creatively kinesthetic than academic.  God supplied humankind with an abundance of talent and we need to open those opportunities for all students, whatever the talents may be.

This program will allow each student to grow with his or her God-given inclinations in order to be successful in this life. There are basics, of course, that we all need. Being able to read and write English as well as express it on paper is essential. Basic math skills, and science knowledge is also necessary to function in this world. This program does not lack the basics in academics but allows time for the student to pursue his or her vocational interests.

With a much shorter stint at the academics, the student will be asked to choose from the following list regarding his or her interests. If the desired interest is not on this list, please discuss it with your Consultant so an addition can be made.

Home Economics

Home Management

Personal Business

Equine Studies


Home Decorating

Small Engine Repair

Auto Mechanics



NOTE: All students will take Home Economics and Home Management, Art, Music, PE, General Work, and Service in their basic academic curriculum. They are not necessarily part of the Vocational Program; however, if a student wants to use one of these required subjects as part of their Vocational Program, it is expected that it will be a magnified and substantial study. All Vocational Studies chosen will be subject to approval by the Moore Academy. Include the desired subject on the enrollment form to be contacted by a consultant regarding the choice.

If a student is 16 or 18, whichever your state requires for attendance, he or she must complete at least our 2-year program. This will give him or her a 2-year Diploma. However, for the student who wishes to receive a full High School Academic/Vocational Diploma, he or she must complete the regular 4-year program.

All Vocational subjects must be certified by the Educational Consultant or a certified adult. For the last 4 trades on the list, verification from an outside source must be presented.

Academics will include Bible, History/geography, Science, English, and
General Math. These will be included each year along with the Vocational Subject matter. For each year, the student needs to choose one to two from the Vocational List depending on the extent of the subject.