Welcome to Moore Academy!


Welcome to the Moore Academy! We are happy to introduce you to an exciting adventure in homeschooling where God is the center of all learning and every child can find success and fulfillment. Moore Academy is dedicated to assisting parents who wish to educate their children at home with a low stress program of study, work, and service. Our Christ-centered Seventh-Day Adventist curriculum is designed to not only broaden educational horizons, but to build beautiful characters as well.


The Moore Formula is a "prescription for excellence," intended for the education of God's children. The formula is not new; it is actually ancient old! Using God's blueprint, the Bible, and "the pen of Inspiration," along with "statistical educational research results' on how children learn best, Dr. Raymond Moore started The Moore Foundation, the first worldwide homeschooling program using this ancient methodology, while supporting these methods with modern data. By using the above guidelines that have proven to be successful even in this supposedly modern age, the Moore Formula has become a well-known "byword" for God's true education, making the Moore Academy truly God's "Guardians of Learning."


Hand in hand with homeschooling parents providing:

  • Individualized Curriculum
  • Educational Materials
  • Unit Studies
  • Detailed Quarterly Evaluations 
  • Attendance
  • High-School Transcripts
  • Diploma