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Ethan and Rebekah Learn by Doing

Ethan and Rebekah live with their parents Teresa and Russ Kamerman on a farm near Bozeman, MT, and have many opportunities for work which helps them learn the things they need to know to succeed with their academic skills. Both children take piano lessons. Ethan plays for church and both played in the Christmas program at their church.


Roosty's interests include spending his leisure time waterskiing behind an original Ethan Kamerman motor boat.


Rebekah raised pumpkins last summer and sold them to obtain money to build a greenhouse in which she raised tomatoes, cabbage, pansies, marigolds and geraniums to sell this summer. This type of business teaches very practical math. She also decided to make place mats for the table by sewing squares of fabric prints together in quilting style. In the process of doing these place mats, she learned her multiplication facts. What an easy and fun way to do that sometimes tedious and boring learning job!


Ethan Kamerman, 12, with his rooster named "Roosty."


For Ethan's science project, he built two miniature wooden trailers on one of which he mounted a cannon. He also has a pet rooster whom he calls "Roosty." Following is his story about his rooster, written in beautiful cursive handwriting:

Many people raise chickens. We raise chickens for eggs. Chickens like to eat grain and scraps like pigs.


Rebekah, 9, showing her place mats.


Roosty is my rooster. He is very handsome and upright. He has many bright colors. He has white, black, green, red, and orange. When the sun shines on his black feathers, they look purple. Roosty is a good water skier. I hook a little innertube to my motorboat and pull him up and down the creek with the motorboat.

Roosty is a good flyer, too. He can fly 300 feet. He has very, very strong wings.

Roosty is a very, very good chicken. I like him a lot.

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