Moore Academy offers:

A Homeschool Program that is tailored to fit the student, not the student to the program.  This gives the child adequate time to follow his/her interests, even a home business

A Special Needs Program for children & adults with reading disabilities

Individualized services rendered as a ministry to people of any faith and from all around the globe

"Consultants" that are well qualified educators, with long experience with Moore Academy principles and application.  High school students earn a diploma with credits that are usually absorbed into other secondary schools when transferring.  College entrance accepts them with a GED or very high SAT scores.  Being non-credited allows Moore Academy to continue the special Moore Formula approach for the balanced program so highly prized. 

Single courses for the student that needs only one class/credit OR the adult that wants to continue their education  (While supplies last - when you enroll in a single class, receive the book 'Education' free!)  Adults will receive a Certificate of Completion 

Our "Premier Program" : Besides the already carefully-crafted, individualized curriculum plans created for all students, the Premier Program is a select program, chosen for those who are eager to follow a more Bible-based curriculum plan with Christian historic/prophecy emphasis.

"NEW" Used Books with a selection of gently used books and textbooks at a great low price.

Study Accessories and/or Gift Ideas for a student or someone special. 

Family Management Program for the families new to home schooling; mentoring/consulting with the Educational Director to assist families in determining their child's learning aptitudes and styles.  

"NEW" Book Collections designed to help with the selection of books when you aren't sure which ones you need.  Each collection contains books to aid in the study of a specific subject.  Check often as new collections are added frequently.